The Grenadier
18 Wilton Row

The Grenadier is one of London's Real Heritage Pubs.

Now very much an upmarket place for a drink and a meal, this was once a simple back-street boozer. It was built about 1830 to serve the needs of the staff from the neighbouring mansions and also thirsty guards from a barracks that was located to the west from about 1762 and around 1835.

The pub was originally known as the Guardsman. The plain, three-storey Georgian frontage appears much as it did when originally built (apart from the thoroughly unnecessary application of white paint) with stairs up to the main entrance and a door on the side. The two doors suggest that, small as the pub is, it would have had a couple of separate drinking areas.

The fittings are simple and basic as befits what was once an artisan pub - a matchboarded dado round the walls and matchboarded bar counter. The latter has intriguing traces in the centre part that suggest that panels were removable. At some later stage a pewter top has been placed on the counter.

The two rear rooms have been brought into use in relatively recent years. The left-hand one is dominated by a huge mirror advertising 'Mann, Crossman & Paulin Ltd Old and Mild Ales and Stout' - a reminder of beer styles that in London have now been largely consigned to history.

The Regional Inventory descriptions in these notes are extracts from the following book
London Heritage Pubs: An Inside Story

The Grenadier featured on the Evening Crawl of Belgravia in September 2002, the Cavaliers and Grenadiers; Evening Crawl of Knightsbridge and Belgravia in August 2009, and the Mews and Booze: Evening Crawl of Belgravia and Knightsbridge in September 2012.