Paxton's Head

The Paxton's Head
153 Knightsbridge

This pub is a grade II listed building and it is on the London Regional Inventory.

This popular pub is but a small part of the massive Park Mansions retail and residential redevelopment by architect G D Martin: it is in the phase built in 1900-2. There had been a pub on the site for generations and thus we have an interesting example of continuous usage for the licensed trade.

The name commemorates Joseph Paxton who designed the Crystal Palace which stood nearby. Superlative etched and cut glass can be found lining the walls, and in doors and baffles. Motifs include grotesque masks, mythical birds, fruit, flowers and swirling foliage - all stock features in the repertoire of contemporary pub glass designs. Note in the doors at the rear right PH monograms.

The bar counter with its panelled front and the ornate stillion in the middle date back to 1902, as does the central lobby with clock above. Also attractive Lincrusta ceiling with foliage decoration. Originally there would have been subdivisions surrounding the counter but these have all been swept away. The superstructure on the counter and bridges to the side walls are modern work.

The Paxton's Head featured on the Evening Crawl of Belgravia in September 2002, the Cavaliers and Grenadiers; Evening Crawl of Knightsbridge and Belgravia in August 2009, and the Mews and Booze: Evening Crawl of Belgravia and Knightsbridge in September 2012.