Rising Sun

528 Romford Road
Forest Gate
E7 8AD

Rebuilt around 1900 possibly by a Wine & Spirit Merchant and passed into the hands of Charringtons brewery by 1930. A three-storey building of red brick with ornate lintels above the first floor windows featuring a sun with carved heads above. This old and rather dilapidated pub has been extensively modernised. It has five external doorways, but only two surviving bars - a large public bar with a half-partition separating off a cavernous pool room with a modern suspended ceiling (a former billiards room) from an L-shaped drinking area; and a smaller saloon bar separated from the public bar by a vestibule entrance.

The public bar is a rather soulless environment, with no real features of heritage interest: the bar back is postwar and the bar counter appears to be a modern imitation of the older version in the saloon bar. The vestibule entrance may once have contained a hatch for off-sales (although there is also evidence from old photographs of an off-sales shop next door, in a building which is now no longer part of the pub). There is a relic of a dumb waiter at the end of the bar, and some leaded windows with stained glass survive.

In the saloon bar, the wooden counter with a canted, tiered structure is the most interesting feature. It probably dates from the 1930s, although it has been impossible to establish a precise date. Although there is a connecting door space between the servery in the public bar and the saloon bar, the serveries themselves seem to have been constructed at different times, and the bar back in the saloon may therefore also be older than that in the public bar. There is a surviving fireplace at the far end of the room.

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