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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Choosy Cat and the True Sea Dog: Evening Crawl of Fulham and Hammersmith

Wednesday 11 August 2010.

All welcome to join the crawl, whether a CAMRA member or not.

A text version of the crawl notes is here: Evening Crawl of Fulham & Hammersmith

1. The Fox & Pheasant

Arrive: 7.00 PM

Address: The Fox & Pheasant, 1 Billing Road, Fulham, SW10 9UJ.

Real ales: Greene King Abbot and IPA are served here.

Read about Fox & Pheasant

Directions to next pub: Turn left out of the pub and walk along Billing Road to the junction with Fulham Road, turn left into Fulham Road and walk along Fulham Road to the entrance to Brompton Cemetery which closes at 8pm in the summer. Walk through the cemetery (see the description of the next pub for some notes on the cemetery) to Old Brompton Road. Turn left into Old Brompton Road and walk along Old Brompton Road to the junction with Seagrave Road, turn left into Seagrave Road and walk along it to

2. The Atlas

Arrive: 7.45 PM.

Address: The Atlas, 16 Seagrave Road, Fulham, SW6.

Real ales: Three real ales are usually on sale here, often from West Country breweries.

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Directions to next pub:Turn right out of the pub and walk to the junction of Seagrave Road and Lillie Road, cross over Lillie Road, turn left and walk westwards along Lillie Road to the junction with North End Road. Turn right into North End Road and walk along it to the Seven Stars pub, formerly owned by Fuller’s but now closed and gutted ready to be redeveloped, probably as offices. It is on Hammersmith & Fulham Borough Council’s list of buildings of merit and was designed by John Nowell Parr, son of the notable pub and public buildings architect, Thomas Henry Nowell Parr. Cross over North End Road to Star Road. Walk along Star Road to where it becomes Greyhound Road and cross over Greyhound Road to

3. The Colton Arms

Arrive: 8.45 PM.

Address: The Colton Arms, 187 Greyhound Road, Fulham, W14.

Real ales: Fuller’s London Pride, Sharps Doom Bar and a weekly changing guest beer are usually available here.

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Directions to next pub: On leaving the pub, turn right and continue along Greyhound Road to the junction with Fulham Palace Road. Cross over Fulham Palace Road, turn left and walk along Fulham Palace Road to bus stop HS (called Greyhound Road). Catch a 190 bus (only three an hour) to the Kings Mall Shopping Centre stop in King Street. Alight from the bus and continue along King Street to the junction with Macbeth Street. Turn left into Macbeth Street, walk down it and cross over to

4. The Hope & Anchor

Arrive: 9.45 PM.

Address: The Hope & Anchor, 20 Macbeth Street, Hammersmith, W6.

Real ales: Real ale is sometimes served here.

Read about Hope & Anchor

The Regional and National Inventory descriptions in these notes are extracts from a book published in July 2008 by CAMRA called London Heritage Pubs: An Inside Story. Historic Pub Interiors in the Capital by Geoff Brandwood and Jane Jephcote. The book has descriptions and photographs of all 156 pubs currently on the London Regional Inventory.