Evening Crawl of Battersea and Wandsworth

Wednesday 12 December 2007.

All welcome to join the crawl, whether a CAMRA member or not.

1. Falcon

Arrive: 7.00 PM

Address: The Falcon, 2 St. Johns Hill, SW11 1RU

Real ales:

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Directions to next pub:

2. Windsor Castle

Arrive: 7.40 PM.

Address: The Windsor Castle,36 St. Johns Hill, SW11 1SA.

Real ales:

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Directions to next pub:

3. Spread Eagle

Arrive: 8.20 PM.

Address: The Spread Eagle, 71 Wandsworth High Street. SW18 2PT.

Real ales:

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Directions to next pub:

4. Kings Arms

Arrive: 8.50 PM.

Address: The Kings Arms, 94-96 Wandsworth High Street, SW18 4LB.

Real Ales:

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Directions to next pub:

5. Wheatsheaf

Arrive: 9.30 PM.

Address: The Wheatsheaf, 30 Putney Bridge Road, SW18 1HS.

Real ales:

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Directions to next pub:

6. Alma

Arrive: 10.10 PM.

Address: The Alma, 499 Old York Road, SW18 1TF.

Real ales:

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