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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Going to the Dogs: Daytime Crawl of the Isle of Dogs, Poplar, Limehouse and Stepney

Saturday 17 October 2015.

All welcome to join the crawl, whether a CAMRA member or not.

A text version of the crawl notes is here: Crawl of Isle of Dogs, Poplar, Limehouse and Stepney, Terry Casey's map of the area is here: The Isle of Dogs, Poplar, Limehouse and Stepney, and a text version of his directions to and between pubs is here: Directions.

Public transport will be required at times. If you are planning your own way to the strange canine land in the east, note that buses D6 and D7 serve Preston's Road - alight at The Blue Bridge (E) northbound and cross the road or the Coldharbour stop (H) southbound and continue along the road to the pedestrian entrance to Coldharbour: The Gun is directly ahead of you.

Otherwise you may find these hints useful.

From south of the river: DLR from Lewisham to Crossharbour, OR DLR from Woolwich Arsenal to Westferry, change platform for a Lewisham bound train and alight at Crossharbour - then see ¶ below:

From Central London, take the DLR from Bank to Crossharbour, OR catch the Jubilee Line to Canary Wharf and change to the DLR to Crossharbour, then see ¶ below:

From Stratford, catch the DLR to Canary Wharf and exit on the left hand side for cross-platform interchange to the next Lewisham train. Alight at Crossharbour then:

¶ Catch a D6 bus towards Ash Grove from stop CF and alight at The Blue Bridge stop (E). Cross the road and take the pedestrian entry into Coldharbour: The Gun is directly ahead of you at the end of the road

1. Gun

Arrive: 11.45 Noon.

Address: The Gun, 27 Cold Harbour, Isle of Dogs, E14 9NS.

Real ales: Adnams Bitter; Jugged Hare Pale Ale (the house beer); Longarm Birdie Finger and GK IPA are usually served here.

Read about the Gun

Directions to next pub: On leaving The Gun walk directly to Preston's Road. Cross the road to bus stop E and catch a D6 bus. Alight from the bus at Poplar Recreation Ground (E) and turn left. Cross East India Dock Road at the crossing and turn right, then left into Kerbey Street and walk to The Festival Inn.

2. Festival Inn

Arrive: 1.00 PM.

Address: The Festival Inn, 71 Grundy Street, Poplar, E14 6AD.

Real ales: No real ale is served here.

Read about the Festival Inn

Directions to next pub: From The Festival Inn, retrace your steps to East India Dock Road and turn left. Either catch a D6 bus from stop B to Crossharbour Station (AP), turning left on leaving the bus, OR - probably faster - continue along the East India Dock Road, cross the road at the crossing, turn left and enter All Saints DLR station. Catch a train to Canary Wharf, ensuring you leave the train of the left hand side for a cross platform interchange to the next train towards Lewisham. Alight at Crossharbour and cross East Ferry Road on leaving the station. Walk through the pedestrian access to Glengall Grove and cross the road to The George.

3. George

Arrive: 2.00 PM.

Address: The George, 114 Glengall Grove, Isle of Dogs, E14 3ND.

Real ales: Fullers London Pride; Sharps Doom Bar; Timothy Taylor Landlord; and Youngs Bitter are usually served here.

Read about the George

Directions to next pub: From The George, retrace your steps to East Ferry Road and cross the road to Crossharbour DLR Station. Catch a train towards Bank and alight at Limehouse. On leaving the station, turn right, then right again into Commercial Road. Use the crossings to cross first, Branch Road then Commercial Road and turn left. Then bear right and immediately left under the railway bridge past the cycle stands into Flamborough Street then along the street to The Queens Head.

4. Queens Head

Arrive: 3.00 PM.

Address: The Queens Head, 8 Flamborough Street, Limehouse, E14 7LS.

Real ales: Youngs Bitter, Hummingbird and Special; and Charles Wells Bombardier are usually served here.

Read about the Queens Head

Directions to next pub: On leaving the pub, retrace your steps to and across Commercial Road , Branch Road. Walk under the railway bridge and cross Bekesbourne Road to bus stop LK. Catch a 15 or 115 bus, alight at St Mary's and St Michael's Church stop and turn right. Continue to the crossing, then cross the road to The George Tavern.

5. George Tavern

Arrive: 4.15 PM.

Address: The George Tavern, 373 Commercial Road, Stepney, E1 0LA.

Real ales: Sharps Doom Bar; and some Camden craft keg beers are normally served here.

Read about the George Tavern

Directions to next pub: Retrace your steps to the same stop , catch a 15 or 115 bus and alight at Leman Street/Aldgate East Station stop (OH). Turn right on leaving the bus and walk down Leman Street and under the railway bridge. Cross the road and turn left into Cable Street. Then turn right into Ensign Street and then left into Graces Alley. Continue to Wilton's Music Hall - Mahogany Bar at the end.

6. Mahogany Bar

Arrive: 5.15 PM.

Address: The Mahogany Bar,1 Graces Alley, Shadwell, E1 8JB.

Real ales: Three handpumps dispense local and national ales here.

Read about the Mahogany Bar

To return to civilisation (!) retrace your steps to the bus stop for buses on route 15 to Trafalgar Square via Monument and Cannon Street or continue to the end of Leman Street and turn left for Aldgate East Underground and buses to other destinations. Note that Aldgate Bus Station is closed and the stopping arrangements for some routes have been revised.

You may also wish to visit the nearby Princess of Prussia, 15 Prescot Street, Stepney, E1 8AZ. This is a former Trumans pub. Note the wonderful exterior, complete with Trumans signage and tiles. It is now a Shepherd Neame pub serving Late Red, Masterbrew, Spitfire and Whitstable Bay.

The Regional Inventory description in these notes is an extract from a book published in July 2008 by CAMRA called London Heritage Pubs: An Inside Story - Historic Pub Interiors in the Capital by Geoff Brandwood and Jane Jephcote. The book has descriptions and photographs of all 156 pubs that were on the London Regional Inventory at that time.