Black Lion

59-61 High Street
E13 0AD

Although this pub is not a listed building, it is recognised by CAMRA as having a historic pub interior of some regional importance and the description is as follows: “Claims to be a 450-year-old pub with a frontage rebuilt in 1875. The smaller left-hand bar has an old vestibule entrance. The bar counter front has fielded panelling that appears to be inter-war and the counter top is old but is strangely sitting on a stone plinth that does not look to be of any age. The bar back could be Victorian with bevelled mirrors and columns with capitals and a decorative frieze at the top. The dado panelling might be old and the bay window has 1930s stained and leaded windows. The main bar on the right has a curving bar counter of fielded panelling on a plinth that does not look old and here the counter top is modern. The bar back fitting looks 1970s and the separate small area on the right on a lower level has no old fittings. What is rare here it that you are allowed to walk through the servery to get from one bar to another. If you can, take a look at the West Ham Boys Boxing Club gym at the rear of the building - Training Times: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 5-6pm

 Contact Lianne Jameson on 020 8472 3614. Terry Spinks started his career here.”

The pub is in CAMRA’s 2020 Good Beer Guide.

The WhatPub link is here: WhatPub/Black Lion

The Black Lion featured on the Eastern Delights: Daytime Crawl of East Ham, Plaistow, Isle of Dogs and Limehouse in October 2019.