Man on the Moon

112 Headley Drive
New Addington

The Man in the Moon was built in the early 1960s, but renamed the Man on the Moon in 1969 in honour of the successful moon landing that year.

It retains its original structure with, as you enter, a short corridor with the public bar through a doorway on the left. This room has some horizontal matchboard panelling on the walls and some simple linoleum, or possibly plastic, floor covering. The bar counter is original, but unfortunately the frontage has been covered and painted a bright red and blue, presumably as these are the colours of the local football club, Crystal Palace.

At the end of the short corridor is a large saloon, or lounge, bar. This room is carpeted, has a stage, and may have been extended at some stage as the colour of the brickwork at the end, as seen from the exterior, is different to the rest of the pub.

The Man on the Moon has yet to feature on a LPG pub crawl.

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