Save The Castle in Battersea from demolishion

Wednesday 12 December 2012

The Battersea Castle has been under threat since January 2012. Developers submitted plans to the council to demolish the pub and replace it with flats. The original plan and a second plan have so far been rejected but a third proposal which still involves demolition of the current pub and loss of its garden has been submitted, and is a very real threat to the pub.

The Castle, Battersea is currently open but the pub will close on 31st December 2012 as the current licensees are leaving.

You can oppose the plan by objecting to the proposal and this can carried out easily online.

Visit Save The Castle Battersea to declare your objection and help to keep this important part of Battersea's heritage in tact.

You can also attend Defend the Castle meetings which take place at 8pm on Tuesdays at The Castle:

115 Battersea High Street
SW11 3HS

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