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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Daytime Crawl of Hertford

Saturday 8 September 2018.

All welcome to join the crawl, whether a CAMRA member or not.

Terry Casey's map of the area is here: Map of Area

The first pub is near Hertford East Railway Station. There are two beer festivals on in Hertford that weekend: one at the Hertford Club (included on the crawl) and one at St Andrew's Church which is between the Black Horse and the Old Cross Tavern. It is also Open House Weekend and some buildings that are not usually open to the public will be open.

1. Great Eastern Tavern

Arrive: 12.00 Noon

Address: The Great Eastern Tavern, 29 Railway place, Hertford, SG13 7BS.

This pub is a candidate for the Regional Inventory of pubs with historic interiors. Built as a hotel in 1843 by the Eastern Counties Railway it was purchased by Mc Mullens in 1903 and refurbished in the 1940s (says Historic England). It is little changed since then. Two-storey of yellow stock brick with a central loggia entrance. Inside you can see where there was an off sales originally. The left hand door leads to the saloon with carpet, fielded panelled dado with bell pushes and old fixed seating around the bay window. The bar counter dates from the 1940s with more modern panels attached in the 1970s. The bar back is the 1940s one with mirrored panels and only one fridge replacing some lower shelving; and there is a 1940s brick fireplace in a wood surround. Note the model railway above the exterior window. Door on the right leads to the ‘Tap’ with carpet. There is a sloping towards you 1940s bar counter with vertical panelling and the bar back also looks 1940s. There are two 1940s brick fireplaces, fixed seating on the right / street side and a vertically panelled dado. In the late 1970s the room was extended so there is a wide gap to an area with carpet and more vertically panelled dado so maybe all panelling is modern.

The Great Eastern Tavern is Grade II Listed: List No 1268790

The WhatPub link is here: WhatPub/Great Eastern Tavern

2. Salisbury Arms Hotel

Arrive: 12.45 PM.

Address: The Salisbury Arms Hotel, Fore St, Hertford, SG14 1BZ.

This pub is a candidate for the Some Regional Importance Inventory of pubs with historic interiors. Three-storey Inn dating from the early 15th century, extended early 17th century and later with some 17th and 19th century pargeting on the front. There are a lot of old details inside. Note the curved inner doors and there is a panelled passage to the rear with some linen fold panels. A small lounge on the left has a heavily timbered ceiling. Front right bar has a counter that may date from the 1930s and an inter-war brick fireplace. Half way down the passage on the right is a curved two-piece window with the lower section able to be raised. In this area is the saloon with an old dado of fielded panelling which was lightened c.2013 and a stone Tudor-arch fireplace (age?). Lovely wavey bar couynter with linen fold panels along it and the bar back shelving looks old. Rear dining room has fielded panelling on the walls, recently painted gastro-grey and some pargeting on the ceiling. Grade II* listed (1950) – interior described in detail – List No 1268933

The WhatPub link is here: WhatPub/Salisbury Arms Hotel

3. Hertford Club

Arrive: 2.15 PM.

Address: The Hertford Club, Lombard House, Bull Plain, Hertford, SG14 1DT.

The Hertford Club is in a Grade II* Listed building. List No 1268978

The WhatPub link is here: WhatPub/Hertford Club

4. Old Barge

Arrive: 3.00 PM.

Address: The Old Barge, 2 The Folly, Hertford, SG14 1QD.

The WhatPub link is here: WhatPub/Old Barge

5. White Horse

Arrive: 3.45 PM.

Address: The White Horse, 33 Castle St, Hertford, SG14 1HH.

The White Horse is Grade II Listed: List No 1268950

The WhatPub link is here: WhatPub/White Horse

This pub is on CAMRA's Regional Inventory of pubs with historic interiors. Probably a seventeenth century building, this was a pub by 1838. Until the late 1970s it was a single bar enterprise, the original being the left hand one (and largely unaltered apart from the openings to the “new” areas). The right hand bar is an opening-up into the former residential space whilst the incorporation of parts of the upper floor into the public area is quite recent.The Pub Heritage Group link is here: PHG/White Horse

6. Black Horse

Arrive: 4.30 PM.

Address: The Black Horse, 29-31 West St, Hertford, SG13 8EZ.

The Black Horse is Grade II Listed: List No 1268678

The WhatPub link is here: WhatPub/Black Horse

7. Old Cross Tavern

Arrive: 5.15 PM.

Address: The Old Cross Tavern, 8 St Andrews St, Hertford, SG14 1DT.

The Old Cross Tavern is Grade II Listed: List No 1268767

The WhatPub link is here: WhatPub/Old Cross Tavern