Thornhill Arms

148 Caledonian Road
N1 9RD

Three-storey Victorian pub of brick with the ground floor of brown glazed stone and with two bright yellow columns on the corner. The fascia has raised ceramic lettering in brown on a cream background ‘Ales’, ‘Charringtons’, ‘& Stout’ on the left side; ‘Thornhill Arms’ on the corner; and ‘Ales’, ‘Charringtons’, ‘& Stout’ on the right side

The interior retains an island bar counter of the late 19th-century with console brackets with what looks like newer panels added to the front, which is now painted in a gastro-blue-grey; thankfully the top has been spared the paint pot.

All around the interior is a dado of Victorian dimpled reddish-brown tiling with rows of dark green and a narrow one of deep pink above. The island bar back is all modern being of planks of timber and distracts. Multiple doors indicate a partitioned interior originally.

The Thornhill arms has yet to feature on a LPG crawl.

The WhatPub link is here: WhatPub/Thornhill Arms