Fox and Pheasant

The Fox and Pheasant
1 Billing Rd
West Brompton
SW10 9UJ

The Fox and Pheasant is one of Britain's Real Heritage Pubs, on the Campaign for Real Ale's National Inventory of Pub Interiors of Outstanding Historic Interest.

Built in 1896, the pub serves as spomething of an inter-war time-warp, thanks to its interior. Indeed, until around 1953, the pub had been operating under license as simply a beer house.

Rooms within the pub are a small lobby, public bar and a saloon bar. Look out for the off-sales hatch of the servery.

The inter-war interior includes glazed areas on each side of the servery, dimpled glass with green bands on glass at the rear of the pub. The tables and chairs are also inter-war and feature raked or curved legs.

Originally named The Prince of Wales, the pub was renamed The Bedford Arms around 1906. In 1965 the pub acquired its current name, The Fox and Pheasant.

The Fox and Pheasant featured on the Choosy Cat and the True Sea Dog: Evening Crawl of Fulham and Hammersmith in August 2010, and the Billing and Cooing: Daytime Crawl of Earls Court, West Brompton, Fulham and Hammersmith in October 2013.

Exterior of The Fox and Pheasant, West Brompton