Star Inn

The Star Inn
158 Plumstead Common Road
SE18 2UL

This pub is not a listed building but it is one of London’s Real Heritage Pubs (ie on CAMRA’s London Regional Inventory of Pub Interiors of Special Historic Interest) and the description is as follows: “A community local which is something of a puzzle. The pub looks for all the world like an inter-war rebuild yet in the bar furthest down the side road (Jago Close) you will find what appears to be a Victorian bar-back, complete with pretty, flowery mirror strips (note the unusual high-level cupboard in it). The bar counter looks as though it could be of similar vintage, as does the screen that splits the two bars fronting Jago Close. Anyway this is a very rare survival of a compartmentalised interior in this part of London. The existence of the screen – barely over head height – on the right-hand side is a great rarity and shows how many a street-corner pub would have once been divided up. The part with the mirrored bar-back was evidently once also divided – hence the two entrance doors and the change in counter design. The left-hand side has a single-storey saloon lounge with three-quarter-height panelling, a skylight and a couple of brick fire surrounds. Apart from our Victorian conundrum the fittings are inter-war work and include attractive striped glazing in the bar-back and complete tiled schemes in the loos. Note the gas-light fittings – four on the right-hand side and two (with shades) in the saloon lounge.”

The Star Inn featured on the London Pubs Group's pub crawl of Plumstead, Woolwich and Greenwich in February 2013.