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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Knocked 'Em in the Old Kent Road: Evening Crawl of Bermondsey

Wednesday 8 December 2010.

All welcome to join the crawl, whether a CAMRA member or not.

A text version of the crawl notes is here: Evening Crawl of Bermondsey

1. Lord Nelson

Arrive: 7.00 PM

Address: The Lord Nelson, 386 Old Kent Road, Bermondsey, SE1 5AA.

Real ales: No real ale is served here.

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Directions to next pub: Turn left out of the pub and walk up Old Kent Road, noting Southwark Council’s blue plaque to Henry Cooper outside the Thomas a Becket. Look out too for two other former pubs, the Green Man, now a Chinese restaurant, and the Dun Cow, now a doctor’s surgery. When you come to a pedestrian crossing cross over Old Kent Road and continue along it to the junction with Mandela Way. Turn right into Mandela Way and walk up Pages Walk to

2. Victoria

Arrive: 7.45 PM.

Address: The Victoria, 68 Pages Walk, Bermondsey, SE1.

Real ales: Fuller’s London Pride is usually on sale here.

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Directions to next pub: Turn left out of the pub and left again into Webb Street. Walk along Webb Street to the junction with Tower Bridge Road. Turn left into Tower Bridge Road and walk along it to

3. George

Arrive: 8.15 PM.

Address: The George, 40 Tower Bridge Road, Bermondsey, SE1.

Real ales: Courage Best Bitter is usually available here.

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Directions to next pub: On leaving the pub, turn right and continue along Tower Bridge Road to the junction with Queen Elizabeth Street. Turn right into Queen Elizabeth Street then left into Horsleydown Lane. Walk along Horselydown Lane to

4. Anchor Tap

Arrive: 9.00 PM.

Address: The Anchor Tap, 28 Horselydown Lane, Bermondsey, SE1.

Real ales: No real ale is served here.

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Directions to next pub: You may wish at this point to fit in a visit to the nearby Dean Swift in Lafone Street where beers brewed by London Brewers such as Sambrooks and Kernel can be found.) Turn left out of the pub (ie the Anchor Tap) and retrace your steps down Horselydown Lane. Cross over Horselydown Lane to enter by the back entrance of

5. Bridge House

Arrive: 9.30 PM.

Address: The Bridge House, 218 Tower Bridge Road, Bermondsey, SE1.

Real ales: Adnams Bitter, Broadside and Explorer plus one guest ale are usually served here.

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Directions to next pub: Leave the pub by the front entrance, turn left and walk down Tower Bridge Road to

6. Draft House

Arrive: 10.00 PM.

Address: The Draft House, 206-8 Tower Bridge Road, Bermondsey, SE1.

Real ales: Sambrooks Wandle is served here.

Read about the Draft House

Thanks go to Neil Pettigrew, Pubs Officer for CAMRA’s South East London Branch who suggested some of the pubs on this crawl, including drawing our attention to former pubs along the way, and who provided the description of the Victoria.

The Regional and National Inventory descriptions in these notes are extracts from a book published in July 2008 by CAMRA called London Heritage Pubs: An Inside Story. Historic Pub Interiors in the Capital by Geoff Brandwood and Jane Jephcote. The book has descriptions and photographs of all 156 pubs currently on the London Regional Inventory.