Jack Beard's in the Fog

2 Groton Road,
SW18 4EP

Another of London’s Real Heritage Pubs, the description is as follows: “This street corner local, now named as a member of the Jack Beard’s chain, was built near Earlsfield station in Victorian times as the Country House. ‘The Fog’ was a nickname (from the days when London had fogs/smogs) bestowed by those who tarried here on the way home to their nearest and dearest and attributed their tardy return to being delayed by the fog. The pub was given a total refit about 1930 and still retains its three separate rooms, each of which bears striking brass plates with the name in question – public bar (on the corner), private bar, and – unique in the experience of your editors – meal room. The fittings are plain but elegant with half-height wall panelling, simple bar counter and black and white tiling in front of it. Typically c.1930 exposed beams to the ceilings. Dumb waiter in the private bar. Sliding doors from the meal room to the public bar, and a hatch to the servery. Note also the three surviving gaslight fittings.”

Jack Beard's in the Fog featured on the Daytime Crawl of SW17, SW18 and SW11 in October 2004, and the Gorringe, Graveney and Garratt: Daytime Crawl of Tooting, Earlsfield and Wandsworth in February 2010.