Turk's Head

28 Winchester Rd,

Although this handsome corner pub which was built in 1902 is not a listed building it has several hallmarks of the notable local architect, Thomas Henry Nowell Parr. Outside, note the turret on the corner and the sculpted heads of veiled ladies and the eponymous Turk. Inside, although opened out, there remain features which could indicate Nowell Parr as the architect, such as the Tudor arches; the stained glass; the dentilled wooden panelling and cornices; and the wooden battens in the ceiling. The recent dining extension is called the Dovecote for a reason. Look back and you will see the original gable end of the building, still with the doveholes (now labelled with the names of their ‘possible’ former occupants). The pub featured in the famous Beatles film, Hard Day’s Night.

The Turk's Head featured on the A Turk, A Rifleman, A Druid, A Duke, A Swan and Some Doves: Daytime Crawl of Twickenham, Hampton Court and Kingston in June 2015.