Evening Crawl of Limehouse, Isle of Dogs, and Greenwich

Wednesday 13 April 2005.

All welcome to join the crawl, whether a CAMRA member or not.

1. Grapes

Arrive: 7.00 PM

Address: The Grapes, 76 Narrow Street, Limehouse, E14 8BP.

Real ales:

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Directions to next pub:

2. George

Arrive: 8.00 PM.

Address: The George, 114 Glengall Grove, Isle of Dogs, E14 3ND.

Real ales:

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Directions to next pub:

3. Cubitt Arms

Arrive: 8.30 PM.

Address: The Cubitt Arms, 262 Manchester Road, Isle of Dogs, E14 3HW.

Real ales:

This pub is now closed, and converted to residential accommodation.

Directions to next pub:

4. Spanish Galleon

Arrive: 9.30 PM.

Address: The Spanish Galleon, 48 Greenwich Church Street, Greenwich, SE10 9BL.

Real Ales:

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Directions to next pub:

5. Richard I

Arrive: 10.00 PM.

Address: The Richard I, 52-54 Royal Hill, Greenwich, SE10 8RT.

Real ales:

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