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Campaign for Real Ale

Colton Arms

187 Greyhound Road
West Kensington
W14 9SD

Although this pub is not a listed building, like the Dartmouth Castle and Pear Tree it has an interior recognised by CAMRA as being of some regional importance and the description is as follows: "In a modest, rendered Victorian building, the former ‘museum piece’ Colton Arms was subject to significant changes in 2017. The front drinking area wraps round the servery on three sides and is still little altered since a refit in the late 1950s/early 1960s with a bar counter faced with slices of tree trunks on the front. This is one example of what has sometimes been called ‘publican’s rustic’, a deliberate attempt at rustic nostalgia with chunky woodwork, false ceiling beams and rough stonework. Also remaining is the mirrored bar back with glass shelves and a copper canopy of a c.1960s style.

Most surprising is the reused carved woodwork from old pieces of furniture. It seems that when such heavy, overblown carving was deeply out of fashion it could be bought up cheaply and so pieces found their way here, were dismantled and used to adorn the pub, particularly on the right hand side of the public bar. Some wall panelling is now painted black and the panelled ceiling is now painted a deep pink colour. The stone fireplace on the left hand side looks modern.

There is a gap to a small area on the right with a stone fireplace that looks modern. There are the odd chair/stool that are more examples of ‘publican’s rustic’; also a lovely old high backed settle. A gap to the area on the left on a higher level which has a carved wood counter front from 1950/60s. Furniture includes carved chairs and table and also a ‘publican’s rustic’ stool. The coffee station is situated on another piece of old furniture. Gents has a 1950s urinal but modern tiling. Major changes at the rear create a number of areas and a patio."

History on the spot: It is thought that the Colton in the pub name was one George Colton who made a living as a clay pipe maker before turning to pub-keeping in the mid-19th century. Numerous fragments of pipes have been found here.”

The Colton Arms featured on the The Twelve Days of Christmas: Evening Crawl of Hammersmith, West Kensington and West Brompton on 12 December 2018, and the Choosy Cat and the True Sea Dog: Evening Crawl of Fulham and Hammersmith in August 2010.

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